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Component Guide Genenerator
based on Atomic Design

You can try it out
from here now!

You can make components
in accordance with Atomic Design

easy to manage many components
based on Atomic Design.


You can easily Install Atomic Lab.
via command line
or as zipped file

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Share your projects

You can generate shortened url
of your projects.
Let’s share with firends and teams!

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Export and Import

You can export your project as zip
including HTML, CSS and
your project data as a JSON file.

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Metalanguage Support

You can write
LESS / SASS / Stylus,
Haml / Jade / EJS.

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Godai Hori

steelaxe co-founder
Produce / Technical Direction / Frontend Engineering

Takenori Okada

steelaxe co-founder
UI Design / Web Design / Markup

Support and Contact

Please visit GitHub

Atomic Lab. is an open source project