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Do you always fill out forms with same contents?

Add this bookmarklet to your bookmark bar by just dragging the button to the best place


How to use ?

  1. Fill in the form as usual
  2. Run the bookmarklet
  3. Type the form's selector (exp. #form .form form) in the top input element
  4. Push the "Get code" button
  5. Push the "Save" button, and the form data will be saved in the localstrage
  6. Visit the site again and push the load button
  7. Push the "Auto fill" button
  8. That's it.


Since the data are saved in the each site's localstrage, There is no need to worry about the saved data

Give it a try

After adding the above bookmarklet, Please try using it
You can clear the form by pushing the orange button at the bottom of the form

First name
Last name